Services: Speaking

Jennifer Trethewey: Speaker  -  Workshop Presenter & Facilitator  -  Master of Ceremonies

I enjoy sharing my experiences from the corporate world - some of them dynamic and memorable, others ...not so great! But it's being on stage, sharing knowledge and educating the audience to challenge yourselves, persevere and importantly be true to yourselves that pushes my buttons. 

Over the last 25 years, while being immersed in the corporate world across four different industries, I have observed the best ways to manage and the best ways not to manage!

In my diverse career, I have been chewed up, spat out and failed many times, while also being recognised as a strong and competent leader and promoted for my ability and success in achieving goals. So, do I have some stories to tell you!! 

Forum & Workshops

I educate and motivate, while sharing my broad experience in professional workshops and forums tailored to suit my audience.  I am a subject matter expert in topics such as:

  • Brand Personality
  • Customer Experience
  • Internal Communications & Alignment
  • Win Back & Grow business
  • Personal Development


Hear real life stories about some of my career experiences that hail from the school of hard knocks and a state where corporate was male dominated and had the 'old school tie' mentality. Believe it or not, it actually helped me in my career but it also gave me some brilliant content to share with my audience! 

While delivering a few 'you cannot be serious' stories, I also strive to give back and offer as many hints, tips and learnings for you to take back to your workplace or home. Life, family and career is a roller-coaster that can knock us flat or bring us wonderful opportunities. We are all in this together and it's important to know that others have walked on the path before you.

Facilitator / Master of Ceremonies  

Facilitating and being MC for an event or conference is one of my favourite roles. You have the privilege of engaging personally with the audience or delegates, as well as being interactive and hands-on. I have had many amazing experiences representing both corporate and not for profit organisations and companies such as: 

  • Australian Marketing Institute Awards
  • Myer Events
  • Australia Day Celebrations
  • Ronald McDonald Gala