The Arrows™

The Arrows is a JTG Global initiative showing clients what internal business alignment looks like

The Arrows begin the process for businesses to understand where the gaps are and WHY you need to change.

The Arrows identifies a clear outline of the need to work in alignment, communicate sideways and ALL work towards the same goal.

The Arrows by executing The Arrows you become a seamless, communicative & effective business that ALL your team understands and want to be a part of!

  • Parameters: People need to know exactly what their job is.
  • Vision: People need to know what they are striving to achieve and their purpose. 
  • Tools: People need to have the tools and resources to do the job.
  • Reward: People need to be recognised for the job they do and how well they do it.
  • Leadership: If people know their job, know where they are heading, have the tools to do their job, and are rewarded - then they will follow you anywhere.