Four five one EVENTS



Four Five One™ Events is a leading events company, in Denver, Colorado, incorporating separate brands for catering design, décor design, and a boutique picnic company. Whilst each arm operates independently, it is Four Five One’s™ vision that the group is soon to be the go-to company for every Colorado noteworthy event, where creativity is the constant and imagination enables something truly different.

The JT Group was hired in October 2015 by Four Five One as a consultant to provide strategic guidance for their upper level management team. Meeting with both owners, we undertook an in depth workshop to understand the current state of the company structure, team dynamics, leadership, management setup and any issues that presented themselves. In undertaking this process it was identified that a General Manager was warranted, and was recruited.

Further in depth interviews were undertaken with multiple levels of management to understand other roles within the company, and identifying strengths, weaknesses and needs that teams had to improve the working environment. From this we provided assessments of the management team structure and potential areas for improvement and key performance indicators.

Additional to this, a guided workshop was conducted with the management team to help identify the organisation’s performance strength and weaknesses; allowing for a space to collectively define the company’s strategic objectives for the following years, vision and mission statements, as well as defining key cultural messages.

“Jennifer helped facilitate deep conversations about the company that were long overdue. She helped bring issues in our operations to the surface so that we could discuss and strategise the solutions. She was invaluable during a time when our company was in a transition or growth phase. We’ve instilled several of the solutions that came out of these discussinos and are working to implement more!”
Ingrid Nagy, Owner/CEO, Four Five One Events, Denver CO