SERVICES: Consulting

The JTG Global recipe for achieving Internal Business Alignment starts with deep consultation talking to you and your people. Getting to know you and your business how you operate and where your 'pain' points are, what keeps you up at night!

From there, we can work on a plan to internally align people, alter or introduce practices and procedures that will ultimately make your business more efficient & effective. 

Consulting – Internal BUSINESS Alignment

Successful companies worldwide share one major driver of success; the pursuit and delivery of strong internal business alignment.

The successful integration of internal business alignment requires understanding of The Arrows and the clarity around parameters, vision, resources, tools & leadership. 

JTG Global stands by its PVRTL model.


  • Parameters

    • People know exactly what their job is

  • Vision

    • People know exactly what their company vision is and what their department goals are


    • People know their company will recognise & reward them for what they do
  • Tools

    • People have support and resources to effectively do their job


    • People will feel empowered by the leadership and secure in their actions


Project Management

JTG Global has proven project management success in both Australia and the United States. Once we have conducted a deep dive into your business and prioritised issues and actions, JTG Global will work beside you to implement changes.

This will include developing & executing elements such as:

  • Coordinating a process for internal systems & protocols
  • Integrated marketing strategy and plan
  • Designing an efficient effective structure
  • Establishing ROI on % effort versus income/revenue streams
  • Training management teams to embed the new processes into daily work habits
  • Coaching your teams on internal communications
  • Conducting a research analysis process
  • Develop & deliver external client methodologies from start to finish  


How do we do it?

JTG Global uses a simple process to get your business moving forward with efficiency. Strong internal alignment ensures all the cogs in the wheel are turning at the pace you need to deliver.

1. What does your business need?

Through informal meetings and interviews with you and staff, we assess your pain points. What exactly is keeping you up at night? Is it structure, staff, marketing, customer service, internal communications, leadership, training, product or lack of distribution?

We discuss where you are now, and where you want to be.

2. Let's pull that all apart

Next, we coordinate a full day workshop with all key stakeholders to discuss topics, issues and strategy. We flesh out all of the detail to find the core drivers of your pain points.

3. Ring-fencing and providing structural alignment within the business

Now that we have it all on the table, we prioritise actions, dependables, agree on timeframes and accountabilities.

4. The Report

JTG Global present a formal report on findings and outcomes.

5. Side by side

Often JTG Global are requested to project manage the execution of findings. This ensures a seamless implementation, sometimes leveraged by a third party, and enables the company to move forward effectively.